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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Affordable Eats in Grand Cayman:

It is very easy to part with your money in Grand Cayman

Many visitors from the U.S. learn that this beautiful, safe, English-speaking island in the Caribbean comes with a premium price tag.

I really wanted to find unique and enjoyable dining experiences without breaking the bank

Was I successful?


Here are a few Grand Cayman restaurants (and other places) that helped stretch the vacation dollar and truly added to the experience. 

I used the Cayman Islands dollar (CI) for a pricing guide ($1.25 US~$1.00 CI). The symbol key is $ ($5 - $15 CI) and $$ ($15 - $30 CI).  

Now, let’s take a look…

Tim-Buc-Tuu Diner - $
32 Town Hall Road, West Bay
For an incredible meal at an affordable price, visit the Tim-Buc-Tuu Diner. Located in a small, green and purple building just north of the 4-way stop on West Bay Blvd, The Tim-Buc-Tuu Diner serves up Island cuisine with a Tazine twist. Either take out or dine in at one of their 6 tables.
If you like a small and casual place with high-quality eats for a reasonable price; this place is definitely worth a visit.  

Morgan’s Harbour Seafood Restaurant - $$
Botabano Road, West Bay

At the end of Botabano Road in the West Bay area is a small marina and Morgan’s Harbour Seafood Restaurant.
Specializing in fresh seafood dishes, Morgan’s Harbour has a dessert menu that includes Apple Strudel prepared by a German chef. This under-rated gem has an outdoor dining area overlooking the North Sound and a view that is hard to beat.
For waterside rustic elegance that won’t break the bank, try Morgan’s Harbour.

Sunshine Grill - $
1465 Esterley Tibbetts (Sunshine Suites Resort), Seven Mile Beach

Flavorful fish tacos and hearty hamburgers make this little poolside grill very popular with locals and tourist (in-the-know).
This little grill is just off the Seven-Mile Beach strip. Eat poolside or in the screened-in area by the bar.

Foster’s Food Fair (IGA) - $
2373 Willie Farrington Drive, West Bay

For a different take on local cuisine, try Foster’s Food Fair. With several locations, including two on West Bay Blvd. (on the bus route), you can have a truly unique experience. We found Jamaican sodas as well as snacks, spices, and mixes. Spices and mixes pack very well as souvenirs for the trip home.  
If an inexpensive meal is on your mind, try the in-house deli serving hot dishes with a Caribbean twist.

Seymour’s Jerk Chicken - $
Shedden Rd. (Just southeast of Sound Way), Georgetown

Picture a shack with a picnic tables in a covered eating area. Picture an unpaved parking lot and Jerk Chicken cooking on BBQ pits made from old metal drums. For additional ambiance, live chickens roam the area, occasionally making their way to the picnic tables checking on their less-fortunate cousins. Picture yourself eating off of foil with a plastic fork.
If this thought piques your interest, you are in for a treat!

This Jerk Chicken Mecca is popular with locals and is open late. There must be something special about eating spicy jerk chicken and pork in the wee hours.  

The Chicken Hut - $

 Shedden Rd. (north of Eastern Avenue.), Georgetown

Just up the road from Seymour’s Jerk Chicken sits a tiny place named “The Chicken Hut”.
This tiny establishment serves up authentic home-style island cuisine in partitioned and covered paper plates complete with plastic utensils. The indoor eating area is air conditioned and has a counter-top area that seats about 6 people.
Many local bus drivers can be seen filing in and out on any given day.
Good place to grab on the go or eat in and meet a few locals.

Rackam’s Waterfront Bar and Restaurant - $$
93 N. Church St, George Town

Near the cruise ship area of Georgetown, sits Rackam’s. Popular for its fish and chips and scheduled Tarpon feedings, you will rarely find this place empty at mealtime or at night. Rackam’s is basically an amazing waterfront view with a restaurant and bar attached.

Guy Harvey’s Island Grill - $ to $$
55 South Church Street, George Town

In the heart of Georgetown’s cruise ship area, Guy Harvey’s Island Grill serves up fresh seafood and Caribbean dishes in world class fashion.  The restaurant atmosphere has a maritime theme with Guy Harvey’s artwork in the d├ęcor. The covered open air balcony is exceptional.
Imagine our surprise to learn that they offer daily specials for around $10 (CI).
For world-class cuisine with affordable options, try Guy Harvey’s Island Grill.

Sea Harvest Restaurant - $$
390 South Church Street (Sunset House Resort), George Town

The Sea Harvest Restaurant serves up breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a view on the property of the Sunset House Dive Resort.  
Menu options include Conch Fritters, a Fresh Catch of the Day, and Filet Mignon. Their Divemaster’s Breakfast is a hearty, American style breakfast complete with bacon, eggs, juice, and coffee.

My Bar - $
390 South Church Street (Sunset House Resort), George Town

If watching an unobstructed sunset over the Caribbean while sitting at an outdoor table, sipping a cold drink and snacking on a conch ceviche sounds appealing, you might want to visit My Bar one evening.
This outdoor bar, partially covered by a huge, palm leaf cabana is located on the property of the Sunset House Resort. Locals and visitors can been seen here on any given day.

Jamaican Meat Pies - $
Various locations

A Jamaican meat pie is basically an Empanada filled with shredded beef. These delightful spicy snacks sell for around $1 (CI) in convenience stores. We bought some in the Airport for $2 each (things can be more expensive in airports).

Remember, with an open mind, a little bit preparation, and a slightly adventurous spirit, you can stretch your budget and truly enhance the experience that is, Grand Cayman.