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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Da Vinci Ristorante, Katy, TX

This place is amazing!

A little restaurant in a little strip center with really nice atmosphere, really good food, and very professional service.

Da Vinci's is a little more expensive than the places I normally write about but it is definitely worth the extra cash if you are looking for fine dining in a small, intimate setting.

One day, I might order from the menu but so far, the daily specials have captured my attention enough to forget whatever the menu had to offer. Some of the specials include Ossobuco, some very tempting appetizers, and the Blackened tuna dish pictured below.          

Blackened Tuna from the Daily Specials Board

The restaurant has around 10 indoor tables total with one capable of seating a larger group (10-12 people). there are also around 3 bistro tables outside by the main entrance.  On any given weekday, all tables will be filled with people but a group of 2-4 people can usually be seated and may need to wait for a short time. Weekends are a different story. 
Reservations are not required but are very practical if you intend on being seated and eating. 

The interior resembles a candlelit Italian wine cellar complete with an, arched ceiling, wine bottles, and artwork. There is also a (floor-to-ceiling) mural of the Bay of Naples on the far-side wall.

There are only 2-3 people in the wait staff. I have found them all to be professional, mature, and very helpful. The wait staff is a point of distinction at this place in a very positive way. This is obviously "not their first rodeo".

Definitely worth the price if you are looking for a fine-dining option in a small and intimate setting. 

6455 S Fry Rd # 100  Katy, TX 77494-8322
(281) 392-2115

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