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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Swinging Door, Richmond, TX

The Swinging Door is one of the best barbecue places I have ever been to!

Think of The Swinging Door like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Not too hard, not too soft… They strike a sort of balance in several areas that makes them, in my opinion, Just Right.

They are located about 45 minutes (good traffic) from downtown Houston in a stand-alone building on a country road outside of Richmond, TX. Still has a country feel but within a comfortable drive from the city. – Just Right

The restaurant itself is small enough to have a cozy feel but large enough to handle their large number of customers. The place looks and feels like a barbecue restaurant should.  Just Right

The barbecue is smoked. This is expected for any Texas barbecue place. The Swinging Door, however, puts a slight twist on this by serving up Pecan-smoked meats. This combination of the expected with something unique, makes it, 
Just Right

They make their own root beer! I like root beer, especially the brews from smaller bottlers. The Swinging Door Root Beer is worth ordering and adds a nice touch to the meal.  
Just Right

Live music on Saturday nights - BBQ, Root Beer, Live music – Makes me want to grab the car keys and go now.  
Just Right

Not too commercial, not too small. Definitely does not feel like a commercial or franchise operation but still has enough indoor seating to accommodate a larger group.  
Just Right

If you are looking for barbecue on the west side of Houston, a trip to the Swinging Door could be, 
Just Right!

The Swinging Door
3818 FM359, Richmond, Texas 77406

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