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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Billy's Boudin & Cracklins, Scott, La

Exit 97

Excellent boudin, boudin balls, and cracklins!

The billboard off of Interstate 10 reads,  “Best Boudin Balls in Town”. It caught my attention. So I stopped. 

Until that day, I had yet to find a boudin ball that I really liked. I went there as sort of a challenge.
Well, they won me over. I have found some boudin balls worth eating!

I tried a sample of the smoked boudin. Once again, I was won over. 
The smoked boudin was flavorful and moist. Very enjoyable.

As an added bonus, the regular boudin was delicious as well. It was firm and broke easily,  not stringy. The spices were definitely there but it was not over-spiced.  

The cracklins were exceptional! 
I could almost write a page on the fresh cracklins alone. The seasoned ones are worth taking the extra cholesterol pill for! I love the way they keep a little bit of meat on the ends. It is almost like eating a little bitty fried pork roast.

Scott, La.
A few tables for eating in
The location is new (I-10, exit 97) but the food is definitely worth stopping for. There are a few tables inside for eating in as well.

Billy's also has a variety of Cajun spices and seasonings as well as a selection of specialty meats. 

I stopped in because the sign caught my attention. 
If you are interested in good boudin, I suggest you do too!

Billy's Boudin & Cracklins
523 Apollo Rd, ScottLa 70583
(337) 232-1114

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