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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Boudin King Restaurant, Jennings, La

As the name suggest, The Boudin King Restaurant actually has some really good boudin. The portion size for one link is very generous. I remember staring at the butcher paper at what looked like a medium-sized snake coiled up on my table. It was a tough job but someone had to dig in.

One link of boudin from the Boudin King Restaurant
The place apparently started as a neighborhood grocery store that evolved into a restaurant. To get to the restaurant, you will need to turn left as you enter the front door. If you turn to the right, you will see a very large mounted alligator. The gator will not help you order but he is interesting to see.

Customers order at the register and pick up at pick-up counter. The seating and atmosphere is very casual. There is an interesting rifle collection on display in the dining area. I thought was pretty cool. The location is in a residential area about a 2 ½ mile drive from Interstate 10 (exit 84).

One quirky think I found was that it was difficult to find boudin listed on the menu. It was listed on a printed menu on the counter-top by the register. Fried chicken seemed to be a specialty there as well. I can’t comment on the chicken because my mission was to try their boudin.

Mission accomplished!

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