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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sissy's Saddle Shop Cafe, Cameron, TX

Cameron, TX

Awesome! One of the best places to eat, anywhere!

Any food lover traveling near Temple, Bryan, Caldwell, or Round Rock would be wise to find their way Sissy's Saddle Shop Cafe ASAP!

The combination of service, food quality and atmosphere make a visit here very memorable and hard to beat. 
A visit here feels more like a visit to "Sissy's place" rather than a just a "restaurant".
Cameron, TX
Sissy's Saddle Shop Cafe entrance

The cafe is situated in a former saddle shop located about 3 miles outside of Cameron, Texas. The place is small and fills up quickly. They serve country cooking with a limited menu. 

The Sunday special is a complete meal including dessert, served family style for one price. One recent Sunday meal was pot roast, squash, potatoes and carrots, cabbage with smoked pork, and black-eye peas. For desert there was blueberry cobbler and banana pudding. 

The prices are very reasonable and, in my opinion one of the best values anywhere.  
Cameron, TX
You might be asked to share a table.
It's actually pretty fun. We enjoyed it. 
Once in a while, there is a place I simply cannot say enough good things about. Sissy's Saddle Shop Cafe is definitely one of those places!

Anyone planning on visiting should:
1. Arrive early before the place fills up or they run out of food.

2. Go soon before too many more people find out about it.

Cameron, TX
The menu board.
That is a real saddle hanging down. 

Sissy's Saddle Shop Cafe
2919 County Road 227
Cameron, TX 76520

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